To want perfection is simply human. To believe that you have found perfection is foolish or insane. To have a perfect moment is to experience the beginning of your demise, as there will never be anything better than such a moment, and as a human, you will never obtain what you desire ever again.


Sheep to the Slaughter

I’ve done the math. I’ve counted the everything I can, but you killed all of my sheep. Now my dog runs circles around an empty field, herding nothing to me to be counted and becoming sad when he sees the look on my face. He knows something is wrong, he knows that something is missing, dead and gone. But he cannot tire or stop, and I suppose I can’t just leave him to circle the empty fields alone without his trusty master to watch over him. I guess I will just have to look differently so that we can both rest. I would prefer to count living sheep, but I suppose I can count the number of circles my little dog does instead. Good night little doggie, we may rest now.


Frontlines of the Storm

I won’t sink my teeth in, nor draw my sword to plow the rock-hard soil, but without Mother Nature’s tender touch, the plants leave only poison and oil below the skin. The loneliness is a tense silence like a war fought oversea, the contact limited to thunder and clouds, but without the torrent or the celebration I cannot discern the eye of her storms from the beating of the drums ushering me home.


Mad World

There is more than good and evil in a person, there are three sentient beings. There is the head, the heart, and the gut. People will make decisions of love with their heart if they know love, and decisions of belief with their head if they are skeptical of religion. But when these two fail, a decision is made with one’s gut, which shows that one is either desperately ignorant by necessity or ignorantly desperate by carelessness. When any or multiple of these thinking entities are clouded or damaged, a person becomes subject to whimsy and must rely on luck for healthy decisions to be made. This person becomes psychologically insane, as sanity is the harmony of these decision making bodies.



You tell me I hurt you, I’m hurting you, or that I will hurt you. I warned you I would, even went so far as to warn you that I was mentally unstable. I did all I could to bring as little pain to you and repair any damages I could. And yet you have the nerve to come crying to me, causing me pain, causing further instability, and ruining my life, all because of something I did that was completely unrelated to you? I have been there for you every day I have known you, and even before then, as strangers, I would have been there for you. I would protect you from any harm and I still will. I give you everything I can whilst running my own life, trying to fix the damages, and you think you have the right to tempt me from my path? I love you, now stop fucking my life up and be a friend, because I have always been a good one to you.


Troubled One

You are one beautiful lass;
Not stupid like the rest of your class;
Not ignorant like those in the past.

Your own entity,
the epitome of individuality.
I can only pray that you won’t stray from me.

Everyone in contrast;
No one can even contest;
I love you, my Princess Badass.

I disagree. I’m always here, that doesn’t mean you see it. [general message]

I disagree. I’m always here, that doesn’t mean you see it. [general message]

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I suppose I will just have to follow this path until another 10-car pile-up occurs and I can be with the angel I first locked eyes with.


I feel I may have been reading eyes wrongly… I believe now that it is not the patterns, but how the viewer reacts to them. If the sight draws the life out of you, you best notice it before it truthfully does. If glaring into the eyes of a person makes you feel like you are invincible, alive, courageous, embrace them, love them, make them be in your life.



Eyes that mesmerize

Each unique, have their own style

Window to the soul